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I've just returned from SERBA. It was a lot of fun. The shows went well. I'm completely tired and behind on my schoolwork.
I'm eagerly awaiting whatever Apple has in store for us tomorrow. I'm not sure I'm going to like it. First of all, I don't have any money. Secondly, it seems there will be some limits on how one may use the new service...if that's what they are going to announce - we all know that's what it is.

Going to SERBA

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I am off to SERBA! I am performing a piece for the Gwinnett Dance Ensemble due to one of their dancers suddenly taking ill. The piece is a lot of fun.
The video mentioned in my last post lives on my cousin's server. Be warned, it is a large file: about 30mb and you will need the Quicktime Player from Apple. Considering that I made it in a week, I'm fairly proud of it.

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