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tam's flight back home FINALLY

All over.

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Looking at my server logs, I can see that people from Virginia, California, Massachusettes,
and Missouri have accessed my site. I wonder who those people could be? Well, HELLO everyone!


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I'm posting the end of the video I edited for the memorial service for my friend Jaime Burcham who drowned two months ago. It's pretty big (over 10mb). It is worth it. Anyone will tell you that it's impossible to evoke Jaime without laughing. Still, though it's been a while, I have unpredictable bouts of sadness. It still seems so inconcievable; although, I don't think that word means what I think it does.
Tam's leaving for Africa for 15 days soon. It's going to be really weird. Every piece of furniture in this house was loaded in by Jaime and me. We cleared out all of the stuff from storage in one (well, almost one), mostly one big trip. Hmmm. I don't think I've spent two full weeks here.

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