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Just a quick note... Things are crazed here. I'm busy working on two Flash projects. I haven't fooled with Flash in a while and am trying to take a more thoughtful approach than I have in the past. I will be happy to share the results of my labor as soon as I actually get something done.
Other plates I've got spinning: I'm 'choreographing' Damn Yankees for Riverside Military Academy, Diane's been sick this week, so I've been large and in charge getting the company ready for SERBA adjudications coming up in a week. I'm dancing for GBC in a Jaime ballet by Tam. I'm dancing for Lisa Toup's, and I'm still waiting to hear about some top secret stuff as well as working my tail off on some other top secret stuff.
Right now, I'm about to head off to a movie. Yes! You heard right! Mom's up here looking after Tess and so Tam and I are off to see the debut of Constantine. I wonder if I can write it off because of the coffee shop? I'd better get moving. Let me just add that I'm following the progress of my friend Paul York's step sister Katie. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated for her full and speedy recovery. More to follow...

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