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Will I ever make it to GHP?! I've been trying to leave here since 7:30am and it's now 11:38pm. I've had all kinds of trouble today. The first was getting caught up with work. That took me until around noon. Then I tried to load the car. I couldn't get my suitcase in as the trunk-latch is busted and Tam and I are down to the Valet key. So, I took it to the Volkswagon place across the street and the best they could do was make a new key, not a flip key($250.00), but a regular key that can open the trunk($150). I got the car back around 4:00pm and got an email from Dale. Yikes. While the car was getting ready, I got an email from Susan telling me to fix the site. I have fixed it, but there is more for me to add that I can't do today. So, I'm going to spend the night here and leave in the am.

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