Comcast sucks.

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My chat with Comcast
Thank you for contacting Comcast....I will be happy to assist you today. May I have your name please?
Benjamin Westafer
Hello Benjamin, how can I assist you with your troubleshooting issue tonight?
There have been some really strong winds today and the cable is completely out.
Oh no, that's not good at all! I will see what I can do James! [?]
For security purposes...
blah blah blah blah
Thank you, James [Argh.]
How are you related to the account holder Benjamin? [?!]
My full name is James Benjamin Westafer
I go by Benjie
just to confuse everyone
lol sounds fun!
The closet available date I have Benjamin [! finally!] is Wednesday between 2-7. Is this convenient for you?
[I'm about to jump through the screen.]
Did you receive my last message?
Please don't take this personally, but you guys sure spend a lot of money putting down satellite's environmental vulnerability only to ask me to be on call for five hours after making me wait 18
whatever, I guess I have no choice
I could look for another date and time if you would rather James [?!!]
I'm sorry to be rude, but my service from Comcast has been a dissapointment from the beginning.
I'll take tomorrow
These guys are a joke. The only thing they have going for them is on demand. I'm just about ready to fire them. I have stuff to do tomorrow. I can't just hang out for five hours waiting for them to come by. It's ridiculous; especially since they are going to want to come inside the house, when obviously the problem is outside. They are becoming the company I hate.

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