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Leopard vs Free Agent Pro

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So it seems Seagate Promise and Apple need to get their folks together. Those who know my Mac loyalty will also know that I'm not completely blind to Apple's faults.
I'm used to having to wait for third parties to get their Mac software together; but, several of my Mac program are almost unuseable. Soundtrack Pro 2 freezes consistently, for example.
My latest problem is with the drivers for Promise SATA controllers and Seagate's Free Agent Pro external drives. So far, knock wood, the USB 2.0 side works reasonably well, but the eSATA side causes my Dual G4 to panic. The Sonnet cardbus card fails with the FAP too. What a pain!
I feel confident that these issues will be addressed; but, it seems I'll just have to wait. One would think that Apple would have tested multiple configurations of available external drives, what with the whole Time Machine business. I'll try to be patient.
Patience = dispair disguised as a virtue.


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Tam and I are in Aiken to see Hillary. I understand she is notoriously late; one more reason for me to like her. Though she probably would've gone nuts, I think we should've brought Tess. 12:42 There was a small rumble in the crowd. Nothing happening though. Tam and I are near the media folks.

Let's help Heather win!

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One of my good friends and former partners is competing in�For Ballet Nouveau Colorado's 21st Century Choreography Competition.

Here are the requirements for the competition:

  • Must demonstrate expertise within the ballet idiom
  • Must be set on multiple dancers
  • Must have been created within the past 3 years
  • Include no more than 2 continuous segments of dance� no video montages
  • No longer than 5 minutes TOTAL
  • Samples that use 20th or 21st Century music are encouraged
Check, check, check, check, check, check.

Although I have other friends competing; Heather should have this one in the bag.

View her vid and rank it up!


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I'm probably using a one-hundredth of the features of Quicksilver; but, Apple is going to buy this guy's software and incorporate it into 10.6 at the latest, right?! Turns out I can't live without this software! It's truly inspiring work. Check out this rare appearance by the developer:

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