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Up too late.

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Even though I've found the chemical answer to my sleeplessness; sometimes the pills take a while to kick in. Anyway, if I'm standing on the front stoop doing my computing thing, I'll hear something crunching through the leaves. I was on my way outside tonight and got to see the source of the noise. I wasn't fast enough to get a picture while he was on the steps; but, I did get this: opossum.jpg

Returning to Lilypond

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After receiving a short note from Graham Percival regarding the known issue in the Lilypond GUI and Leopard, the latest release does play nice with TextMate. I have been able to start the tutorials and even create a little midi file. The reason I'm doing this is because GarageBand finally adds the ability to create custom ringtones for my iPhone. I can create the music in TextMate, use Lilypond to make a midi file, pull it into GarageBand and go nuts. Fun. I've almost got Christopher O'Riley's version of Bulletproof in there. I haven't played with Lilypond in some time and it's the learning curve is a little steep.
On another note, Tess has taken her first ballet class. Tammy asked her, "Don't you want to be a doctor?" "No, I'm going to be a ballet girl." So much for the fancy retirement community. I love her so…

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