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Augusta Ballet

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I wrote a fairly pithy letter to the editor at the Metro Spirit. Recently, the 'Augusta Ballet', announced a party celebrating the retirement of their debt. The first sentence uses the weak construction, 'Some people say...' without telling us who are 'some people'. This is a celebration of what exactly? Below is my letter:

Dear Editor,

I just read the news of the Augusta Ballet's emergence from debt. Indeed, operating in the black is laudable; still, I ask, at what cost? The sacking of the entire creative staff, i.e. the professional 'local talent.' What remains? A couple of folks occupying an office, conference-calling presenters to pick touring companies. Big deal.

Benjamin Westafer

You cannot view your actual account balance through online banking tools; you need pen and paper. You cannot view your bandwidth usage: you can flash your router and install bandwidth monitoring software. I realize we're in our infancy in the online world; but, I call shenanigans on the nonsense banks' and cable companies' "Services" and "Innovations". I also love how banks can extend credit to you, without your permission, after stacking payments in numerical instead of chronological order and somehow this is a 'service'. Heck, I hope you're not receiving Social Security checks through your bank! If so, the bank will happily perform the 3 Card Monty on your debits and garnish your check to cover any balance. I find this most discouraging.

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