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I can't decide if I hate WHM/cPanel or not. I think I'd prefer to know how to administer a server without it. There are things that say they do one thing, and then they don't. For example, in Security Center->Apache mod_userdir Tweak, you can check the box to "Enable mod_userdir Protection" all you want but it won't work. If you go to PHP open_basedir Tweak, you realize that you have to somehow create a php.ini file in each user directory to get it to work if you're using SuPHP. I hate things like this. Either make me do things by hand and make them sticky, or have a pretty interface and have a means for me to stay in that environment to fix stuff. There have been only a very very few times I've edited a .plist file in OS X. It's pretty straightforward when you do; but, I can't really imagine a casual or even moderately smart user to have to touch these files. 

Mainly, I'm whining because I don't speak cPanel. I'm off to remedy that…

MT 5

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In an effort to test my client's upcoming move to a larger server, I've moved everything over to MoveableType 5. I haven't had too much trouble. Mostly ownership and permissions problems. Well, that and getting the bloody passwords and usernames corrected.

So, this is really just a test.

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